Eagles to AHL

Over the years the Eagles have seen changes on the ice, off the ice, behind the bench and changes in leagues, but one thing that will never change is having the best fans in hockey. Together we have made the Budweiser Events Center home for 15 years. Moving forward here’s what you need to know:


Ticket Pricing: The Colorado Eagles are committed to providing Northern Colorado with the best in family affordable entertainment

Will my season ticket price change?

If your contract expires in June 2019 or later – Your ECHL contracted season ticket price will be honored until your contract expires. At the end of your contract, you will have the option to renew your seats with the new pricing structure.

If your contract expires in June 2018 – Yes, as always Eagles season ticket prices are subject to change at the end of your contract. Moving into the AHL, season ticket prices will change, the average season ticket per game will increase less than $3.

  • Details of the new season ticket pricing structure will be announced in January 2018.

What’s going to change about my season ticket holder experience?

The Colorado Eagles experience you have grown to know and love will always be a part of Eagles hockey. You will still have a designated account representative that is available to assist you with any ticketing questions and concerns.

Are single game ticket prices going to change?

Yes, single game ticket pricing will change. The average per game price will increase less than $3.

  • The new single game pricing structure will be announced in January 2018.

What changes will be happening to the Budweiser Events Center?

  • There is currently a master plan discussion for upgrades to The Ranch Events Complex, including the Budweiser Events Center. For more information, please visit FriendsOfTheRanch.com.
  • You can help make these proposed upgrades a reality by voting YES on 1A to ‘Keep the Ranch Rocking’


What is the AHL?
The AHL is the primary developmental league for the National Hockey League. It was officially founded in 1936 and will have 31 teams in play during the 2018-19 season. Nearly 90% of all current NHL players have played in the American Hockey League during their career.
How are the Colorado Avalanche involved?
The Colorado Eagles will be the primary AHL affiliate of the Colorado Avalanche. We look forward to helping develop talent at altitude and seeing Eagles players down the road at the Pepsi Center in the future!
How often will the players move up and down between the Eagles and the Avalanche?
We will help develop players at altitude for the Colorado Avalanche with the hopes that they will be playing for the Avalanche at the Pepsi Center in the future.
Will we have an ECHL affiliate, and if so, what team will that be?
We will most likely have an affiliation with an ECHL team, however as is the case with most AHL teams, the ECHL / minor league affiliates are determined by the NHL team.
Who owns the Colorado Eagles?
The Colorado Eagles will continue to be Northern Colorado owned and operated.
Will there still be local Eagles players?
Yes, the majority of Eagles players will spend the bulk of the season in Northern Colorado as they compete for the Colorado Eagles at the AHL level.
Does the coaching staff change?
The current Colorado Eagles coaching staff will be retained on the coaching staff.
What will happen to the current Eagles players on the ECHL team?
As it happens each season, players will have to earn their spot on the roster.