Kids Club – FAQ


<Please note:  There is only one jersey color this year.>

1. How to registerThere are now two easy ways to register (while supplies last):

a) Register Online:  Online orders are shipped right to your door and should arrive to you within 7 – 10 days.  Our online shipping charge is a flat rate of only $5.99 per order, no matter how many goodie bags you ship to a single address!

b) Register at a game – Visit the merchandise stand located behind section J, register there and get your stuff on-the-spot!  However, online registration is preferred as jerseys may have a high probability of selling out prior to the start of the season.

*Hey are you a returning member?  Did you receive your promo code?  If not, send Emily and email to be verified and a promo code will be sent to you right away!  Please note all promo codes expire, while supplies last.

ALERT!    If you are registering online on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday AND you plan on going to a game any of those nights:  Please print out a copy of your order confirmation and show it to Megan at Guest Services before the start of the 2nd period to have your child’s name temporarily added to the Chuck-A-Puck pick-up list for that night.  Late arrivals will not be allowed.  Chuck-A-Puck pick-up starts on Opening Night and is not available during pre-season games.  If you plan to go to games but not until later then your child’s name will automatically be added to the master list on the following business day and will remain there for the remainder of the season.  Our master lists are updated weekly on Mondays.

*There will be NO Chuck-A-Puck Clean-up at the Eagles Preseason game(s).

2. Jersey Sizes:  How does the jersey sizing go?
In general jerseys are meant to be worn large – as if hockey pads or a sweatshirt would be worn underneath – this is especially true for our youth sizes and adult size.  1T, 2T, and 6T jerseys will not fit as loosely.

Below are some measurements to help you with your decision, as a suggestion from us, these measurements can be compared to one of your child’s existing long sleeve shirts or sweatshirts – for a baggier “jersey-style” fit consider going up to the next size.  If you would like your jersey to fit like a shirt then try to match the measurements as close as possible.

1T (we recommend 12-18 mo.)penny_kc-2016-1_w

  • Measurements:  Sleeve to Sleeve: 28.5″, Waist Width:  12.5″
, Height (Top to Bottom):  14″
Comparable to an Eagles “SP” Brand 2T jersey in size

2T (we recommend 2-3 yrs.)

  • Measurements:  Sleeve to Sleeve:  30.5″, 
Waist Width:  13″
, Height (Top to Bottom):  18″ (Now 2″ longer than in years past)
Comparable to an Eagles “SP” Brand 2T jersey in size

ys-vs-6t6T (we recommend 4-6 yrs.)
 – Our most popular size! (May fit some 7 yr. olds)

  • Measurements:  Sleeve to Sleeve:  38″, 
Waist Width:  16″, 
Height (Top to Bottom):  21″
  • Comparable to an Eagles “SP” Brand (L) 6 jersey in size

Youth Small
 – Please note: The size jumps quite a bit from 6T to Youth Small!

  • Measurements:  Sleeve to Sleeve:  43.5″, 
Waist Width:  18″, 
Height (Top to Bottom):  27″
  • Comparable to an Eagles “SP” Brand 6XL jersey in size

Youth Medium

  • Measurements:  Sleeve to Sleeve:  45″, Waist Width:  18.5″
, Height (Top to Bottom):  27.5″
Comparable to an Eagles “SP” Brand Youth S/M jersey in size

Youth Large

  • Measurements:  Sleeve to Sleeve:  48″, 
Waist Width:  20″
, Height (Top to Bottom):  28.5″
  • Comparable to an Eagles “SP” Brand Youth S/M or L/XL jersey in size

Adult Medium

Measurements:  Sleeve to Sleeve:  53″, 
Waist Width:  22.5″, 
Height (Top to Bottom):  28″
  • Comparable to an Eagles “SP” Brand Youth L/XL or Adult Small jersey in size

*Quantities are limited, jersey sizes are subject to availability on a first come, first serve basis.  Please note that after the season starts, we will run out of certain sizes.

3. Age:  What is the age limit for the Kids Club?
The Kids Club is open to children ages 17 and under.

4. Space is limited:  What is the limit to the number of kids that can join the Kids Club?
The Kids Club is open to the first 500 kids that register.

5. Chuck-A-Puck Rules:  What are the rules for Chuck-A-Puck?

6. Waivers:  Are you a parent that would like to assist your child on the ice for Chuck-A-Puck?  Then you’ll need to sign our online waiver.
Paper waivers will also be available at the Chuck-A-Puck check-in table at the games.  Once a waiver is filled out either online or in person, it is good for the entire season.  Please click here to sign the online waiver


Please Click Here to contact Emily (preferred) or  Call Frances at  970-686-SHOT.