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    Useful advice on how to save further on the ticket purchase
    This summer I would go far. How many times have we thought of reaching the Thai islands, Brazil, Argentina or making a trip to Mexico? So many times, at least until ticket prices have discouraged us.

    How to save on the price of a flight ? When to book an intercontinental flight ? If your desire is to reach distant destinations, there is a way to find cheap flights, but you must be patient and do cross-searches.

    Below we suggest some useful tips on how to save on the price of intercontinental flights .



    Low cost flights
    The first old rule to find a good offer for intercontinental flights is precisely that of “who is looking for”: spending time to satisfy your curiosity and your passions is a choice that always pays.


    A good starting point is to search directly on the websites of the airlines. Look also for specialized search engines, Skyscanner on all but also Kayak or Matrix .

    Even if you browse through the same portal, for example Skyscanner, you could also find substantial differences if you search for the same flight on or on the Indian website .CO.IN. .

    How to find a cheap flight
    We tried to do a simulation. Starting from Rome for Rio de Janeiro in August, on the price starts at 1204 euros.
    Looking for the route on , the price varies significantly, the same conditions start from 1051 euros.

    The advice is to always do a test on the two engines and choose where it costs less (of course the price remains very high, since it is August, but it was just one example).

    Learn a new term: Error Making . What are? Those who chew a little ‘English maybe guesses: they are incorrect rates, perhaps loaded by mistake on a site of a travel agency or an airline and that are still bookable in all respects, allowing considerable savings .

    To find them just go to Google and type ” errorfare ” to see appear tens, hundreds of offers that are probably still valid.

    Among the best sites to find pricing errors we report:

    – Holidaypirates (in English) and Urlaubspiraten (in German);
    – Travel-dealz (in German);
    – Guìa Low cost (in Spanish)
    – Exbir (in German).

    If you are in trouble with the languages ​​you are looking for on Google Translator (in English, because the translation is more accurate). Moreover, given that the articles are often dedicated to English or German readers, it might be that quotations related only to foreign hubs (eg Frankfurt) are not very interesting for the Italian reader: check also the presence of the same offer also for national hubs (most of the time it’s like that, just look), check some dates to insert as an example.


    Intercontinental flights
    In the search for cheap intercontinental flights it is useful to know the difference between an Error Do and a Fuel Dump . Here we explain what they are. Starting from how the price of a ticket is divided:

    Basic rate
    Fuel Supplement (YQ)
    An Error-Do , occurs when the base rate contains an error and is therefore extremely low (such as € 15 instead of € 150, Lufthansa had a wrong base rate of 0 € for flights between Stockholm and several destinations in South America), so the price consists almost only of the fuel surcharge and taxes.

    Instead it is Fuel-Dump , when a specific route causes the reduction or elimination of the fuel surcharge. The base fare and taxes are 100% correct, but since the fuel surcharge required by airlines is normally € 250-400 for intercontinental flights, the price reduction is drastic.


    How to search for low cost flights
    The ways are different, you can use the RSS format (but not all sites support it), rely on classic airline newsletters (or travel agencies) and social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

    When to book a flight?
    Analyzing the trend of flight prices, Skyscanner has carried out a study on what is the best time for a flight from Italy. For domestic flights, it is advisable to book up to 5 weeks before departure to save up to 9% of the average annual flight price.

    For international flights , however, book between 20 and 23 weeks before departure to save between 7% and 11% of the average annual cost of the ticket.

    Specifically, to fly to Europe the best time to book is 23 weeks before departure, when the savings compared to the average annual cost of the flight could exceed 6%. However, even if you book between 9 and 10 weeks in advance you can save more than 5%.

    To fly to North America, buy the ticket 22 weeks in advance, to save more than 24% of the average annual ticket price.

    For a holiday in Central America it is worth booking the flight 21 weeks before departure. The savings are around 7%.

    If you are traveling to Asia , the best time to book is 23 weeks in advance, when prices are around 5% lower than the average for the year.
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