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    If a company like Google is about to develop a flight search engine, you should take a closer look. In another tutorial, we have already introduced you to the ITA Matrix Airfare Search, which also belongs to Google. While the ITA Matrix is ​​somewhat “technical” and pays off especially for advanced users with knowledge of routing codes and fare rules, Google Flights is the product for the masses. In addition to an optical processing of the results and a few creative solutions to finding the cheapest flight (or even more meaningful alternatives), Google Flights also convinces with an extremely fast search and presentation of the results. Probably you already know where you want to go 🙂 In this tutorial from our basic knowledge series Find out how Google Flights works in detail and how to find the cheapest / best flight for you …

    Google Flights – The search mask in the overview

    The Google Flights search engine may seem a little confusing or unfamiliar to a newbie, but with this post, you should find that there are some exciting options here. It’s not for nothing that Google is increasingly causing headaches for its established vendors such as kayak, momondo or skyscanner …

    At the top of the menu bar you will find the normal elements of a flight search, as you already know from most other search engines: arrival and departure airport, travel date, transport class, number of travelers. There are also other detailed filter options, such as airline, number of stops and flight time.

    For the undecided who are not sure yet where to go for the next flight or trip, Google Flights will suggest suggestions in the section “Discovering the journey”. More below.

    Google Flights Flight Search – Menu bar

    In the upper menu bar you have the possibility to enter several arrival and departure airports. Suppose you live between Bremen, Hamburg and Hannover. Then it would make sense to look for a departure from one of these three airports. For this you enter the three-digit airport codes and separate them with a comma (by the way, this little trick also works for other flight search engines such as kayak). Suppose you want to travel to the US for two weeks over Easter and make a trip to the West Coast. It does not matter to you if you arrive in San Francisco or Los Angeles. More important is the cheapest airfare. So you enter here the two airport codes (SFO, LAX). If you want to make a stopover somewhere, then you could select MultiStop with up to 5 routes.

    On the screenshot right you’ll find a nice little gimmick from Google Flights: The display of the desired and alternative destinations on a Google Maps map. If you zoom in on this image, you will see the distances and possible alternative airports, as well as the price of a flight to the respective airport.

    Google Flights – Discover Destinations

    On the following screenshot you can see the two goals, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Also you will see the price to Las Vegas. At a price of € 1,074 but not really interesting.

    On the left side you can see the cheapest flight to your travel dates. The same selection options are available over the map as in the normal search mask. Filter eg according to the number of stops, price, airlines, etc ..

    Google Flights – Flight date tip

    Did you notice on the first screenshot to the result of the blue bars with the tip of Google Flights ?

    Google Flights also looks for alternative travel dates in the background, suggesting an alternative travel date in which case you can save up to € 174. Anyone who is flexible in the travel period, should have this tip in any case in view.

    Google Flights – Flight date tip comparison

    Our fair date, 07.04.17 – 21.04.17, is the cheapest connection Hamburg – Toronto – Los Angeles with Lufthansa and AirCanada for 673 €. The return flight is via the same airports. That means changing twice. Here is a screenshot of the outbound flight:

    Let’s take a look at the alternative / tip. The outbound flight is also from Hamburg, but then routed via Warsaw with LOT:

    Thus, the price alternative is definitely to be considered, since you only have to change once and can still save € 174.

    Google Flights – The Calendar Search

    Let’s go back to our original search, from 07.04.17 to 21.07.17. The result has shown that the cheapest flight costs € 673. In addition to the Google Flights tip, you can also use the calendar to find a cheaper alternative to other data. Click with the mouse again in the field departure date and the calendar will open:

    You see that a price appears directly below the days in the calendar. The cheapest departure days appear in green. Overall, you have three options to display other dates. Another display option is “flexible trip data”:

    So you have time of return flight at the same time in view. However, under flexible dates you will only see alternatives within – / + 3 days. The third ad is about the so-called price graph:

    Here is the cheapest price for a trip of predetermined duration is displayed on a bar chart. The section can easily be moved by several months.

    Google Flights – Finding the right airline

    Under the fields of the travel date you can still see some other options for filtering your results. These should actually be self-explanatory. Mile collectors should be noted that you can of course also search for airline alliances:

    Google Flights Flight Search – Discover Trip

    No exact destination in mind? As mentioned above, you can also get inspired by Google Flights .

    Discover a trip – city trip on the weekend

    Suppose you want to do a city break on a weekend in February. Then simply enter your desired departure airport in the search mask above (stay with BRE, HAM and HAJ) and then choose below, for example, the month of February and “weekend”.

    In Places we choose Europe and get the following result (limited to 3 in the screenshot):

    London in February for 26 € like us, so we click on the image:

    We see that Google has found flights with Ryanair from 24.02 – 27.02 for 26 €. If you click on the price, you will get more details about the flight.

    Discover a trip – 2 weeks holiday

    You are still looking for a vacation for two weeks, then choose as travel period instead of weekend, 2 weeks and the destination of your choice – eg Asia.

    Google promotes two goals: Tokyo and Singapore for under € 500 each. You will get more detailed information if you click on one of the two goals.

    Google Flights – Flight Search with Google Maps

    The last option we would like to introduce to you is search using Google Maps. Do you remember the map section that you saw in one of the screenshot above under Explore Trip? If you click on it, you will get the corresponding Google Maps map section. Based on this map we can also search for flights. We would like to travel over the Easter weekend and choose as date 14.04. – 17.04.17. The departure airports remain Bremen, Hamburg, Hanover. We simply leave the goal free:

    You now see hundreds of points or possible goals. Some destinations will show the cheapest flight on the date you have chosen. By further zooming you will also see the other cities and prices. If you are killed by the number of targets, you can alternatively select a country as your destination.

    Google Flights – Conclusion

    Google Flights Flight Search is a well-designed and above all extremely fast flight search engine. In particular, undecided and / or flexible travelers Google provides some very helpful tools on hand. For city trip fans Google Flights is very interesting because of the possibility to search for a cheap flight for a weekend trip. The calendar function makes it easy to find cheap prices for all those who do not necessarily have to freeze during the holidays, or are restricted to a certain date.

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