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    Guide: Flight Search with Google Flights – this is how you find suitable flights and prices
    Not only when looking for alternatives for an airberlin flight, in general there are questions a la:

    “How do you like flights”?

    or “where does this screenshot come from in your post”

    again and again. That’s why I wrote you down here how Google Flights works. In addition, there are other tools such as IATA Matrix or Momondo at the end of or even the (partially cheaper) prices with organizers to search and book, but basically it is only about finding availability. So let’s take a closer look at the GOOGLE Flights tool here, and I’ll show you some settings and clicks that make finding the right flight easier. Let’s go!

    Guide: Flight Search with Google Flights – Start and Settings
    Let’s start with the entry, we open the corresponding page.

    is your entry to the right flight search. After the click it looks like this:

    The input fields are almost self-explanatory, yet there is some information that is helpful if you have them. Let’s take a closer look at some of the fields and their input:

    So let’s start with the return flight or just one flight in one direction, we will look at the multi-stop search later. First of all, you have to decide on a departure and a destination. The inputs can be made quite different. If you know the airport where to start, just enter it as IATA code or name for the airport. In my example, FRA for Frankfurt am Main Airport. If it does not necessarily have to be just the one, then airports can be specified in the vicinity, just click in the field with the departure airport and then on “+ Airports nearby”. Then you will be shown the other airports incl. Distance. Here to recognize well, even a train station is there. Why? Because there are some connections, which can be booked with the train as a connection. So Lufthansa sells flights ex DUS (ie Dusseldorf), but also ex QDU (that’s the station then). Sometimes it is better to look at them as well.


    That’s exactly how it is with the goal. It may be more than sensible to look at nearby targets and then decide whether such a detour is interesting.

    Also entering the country, or a state, Genoa is as possible, as you can see on the right screenshot. A maximum of five airports can be searched simultaneously. If you just separate them with a comma, you and maybe even CGN can be searched together. We’ll do that now and choose NYC as the destination, so all the airports in New York. Then you still set the number of travelers. Why? Because sometimes there are tariffs, which are only offered if two people fly at the same time. If you are looking for one, these offers are missing. In addition, otherwise flights would be displayed, where there is only one place and the booking is then a problem, if you need another place.

    Guide: Flight Search with Google Flights – first results
    So, once you’ve made all your entries, you’ll select departure and arrival dates, and then you should see the first flights.

    So now we have a first result. That tells us nothing, but there is a first overview and now it’s up to optimize. The best flights are shown to us, with € 445 it is a United flight for € 445, which is also a Lufthansa flight. Both are nonstop flights, but why are there two companies if it is United OR Lufthansa? They are both. The price is due to a combination. Out with United, back with Lufthansa. Already here you can see if the flight has Wi-Fi, at the small icon next to the flight time.

    If you now click on the first flight, which you will see under “Best flights”, then we come to more details. One more thing, the best flights mean nothing other than the best time or number of transfers. Here are further details to see, information on the flight number, the used aircraft, the seat distance, questions about sockets and wireless on board.

    After clicking on the cross on the return flight, it will be deleted and you can simply select a new one, a new one on the already selected outward flight. But maybe it’s better to fly a day earlier or later, right? There is a nice option for that. Just click in the field with the departure date, then a new field opens, because then click on “flexible dates”. Then you see, as in the left picture, all prices for the respective departure dates, always referring to the selected travel time. So the flight costs on
    google flights

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